Asus GT730 4 HDMI Graphics Card


The ASUS GT730 4 HDMI graphics card offers a myriad of advantages tailored for diverse user needs:

  1. Multiple Monitor Setup: The ASUS GT730 4 HDMI graphics card is optimal for professionals needing expansive screen real estate. Whether you’re in graphic design, video editing, or financial trading, this card caters to all.
  2. Versatile Media Center: Set up a rich home media center. With the ASUS GT730 4 HDMI graphics card, connect to multiple televisions or projectors for a theater-like experience right at home.
  3. Consistent Display Outputs: All HDMI ports mean no more juggling between different cable connectors like DisplayPort or DVI. Experience consistent display quality across all devices.
  4. No Need for Adapters: Say goodbye to additional adapters or converters. The ASUS GT730 ensures top-notch signal quality without external converters.
  5. Optimal for Presentations: For conferences or educational settings, this card shines by allowing quick switching between various visual sources.
  6. Enhanced Gaming Experience: Elevate your gameplay. The ASUS GT730 4 HDMI graphics card can transform your room into an immersive gaming environment with its multi-monitor support.
  7. Reliability: Known for its reputation, ASUS guarantees that this card, even with its multiple ports, remains efficient without risks of overheating or technical glitches.
  8. Future-proofing: While you might not use all HDMI ports immediately, the ASUS GT730 4 HDMI graphics card ensures you’re geared up for future enhancements, making it a worthy long-term investment.


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Asus GT730 4 HDMI Graphics Card Specifications :
ModelASUS GeForce® GT 730
Graphic EngineNVIDIA® GeForce GT 730
Bus StandardPCI Express 2.0
Video Memory2GB GDDR5
Engine ClockOC mode: 927 MHz (Boost Clock)
Gaming mode: 902 MHz (Boost Clock)
CUDA Core384
Memory Speed5010 MHz
Memory Interface64-bit
ResolutionDigital Max Resolution 3840 x 2160
InterfaceYes x 4 (Native HDMI 1.4b)
HDCP SupportYes (1.4)
Maximum Display Support4
NVlink/ Crossfire SupportNo
Accessories1 x Speedsetup Manual
SoftwareASUS GPU Tweak II & Drivers
Dimensions (mm)148 x 105 x 18 mm
Dimensions (inches)5.8 x 4.1 x 0.7 inches
Recommended PSU300W
Slot1 Slot

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Nvidia GPU

GeForce GT 730

Asus GT730 4 Hdmi Port Graphics CardAsus GT730 4 HDMI Graphics Card

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